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2 aprile 2016


Division of Epidemiology and Evaluation Psychiatry Unit

Head of Unit: Doct. Giovanni de Girolamo

Researchers: Valentina Candini, Laura Iozzino, Giuseppe Iannone

Mission: This Unit carries out epidemiological and clinical studies in the field of psychiatry aiming at investigating the socio-demographic, clinic, psychosocial, and assistance features of specific samples of general or clinical populations. The team leads longitudinal studies with the aim of obtaining detailed information about the course and the outcomes of the main mental disorders, as well as on the related risks and protective factors. It carries out research activities in the area of “health services research” so as to study and analyze the quantitative and qualitative features of the health services, in particular of the mental health services.


Letter of the Head of Units (in Italian): scientific activities 2012-2013

Risults: activities carried out from the UO-PEV.